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Uprise Coffee

Uprise Coffee Donkey Whole Bean 12oz

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Origin: Dominican Republic

Blend: Cibao Altura, Barahona, Robusta

Roast: 3/5

Acidity: 2/5

Body: 3/5

Notes of Fruit, Dark Chocolate, Almonds, Caramel


Make yourself a cup of coffee that will kick Ass!

All of our beans are roasted in the heart of the Dominican republic by a master roaster. They are roasted at a small family owned coffee factory and is staffed by true coffee lovers and experts. At the factory there is 1 manual roaster, which is not run by computers, not run by a timer, not operated by any electronics, but instead is operated by an artesian who listens to the sound of the coffee beans pop, pays attention to the smell of the coffee beans roast, and looks carefully at the color of every batch to know when it is perfect.

This machine is affectionately known as the Donkey, and since this blend is Uprise Coffee's first multi-bean blend we thought it best to name the coffee after the machine that is responsible for it! This blend Contains the beloved Cibao Altura, Barahona beans- which are widely considered to be the best of the DR coffee, and Robusta- which adds a little bitterness to balance the sweet profile of the blend. You can expect a very flavorful brew, lower acidity, and complex flavors.