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Uprise Coffee

Uprise Coffee Honey Whole Bean 12oz

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Blend: Cibao Altura Honey

Roast: 3/5

Acidity: 1/5

Body: 2/5

Notes of Orange, Honey, and Dark Chocolate.


Take the sting out of your mornings!
Cibao is located along the northern shores of the Caribbean Sea in the Dominican Republic.

In this unique coffee growing region, at elevations ranging from 900 to 1,900 meters, some of the country’s finest coffees are grown. Cibao has a sweet smooth character with a soft acidity and velvety mouthfeel. Toffee and hazelnut notes in the finish. Overall it's a very smooth & easy drinker.

Let the Honey flow. Honey fermented coffee is called this because of the golden sap that comes out when the raw coffee beans are partially peeled and then fermented in the open air. This fermentation process creates a rare and unique flavor profile. Tasting notes for espresso are orangey, fruit-forward and honey. Uprise Honey has an extraordinary smell with good balanced acidity. If you drink it with milk you will get a dark Swedish chocolate bomb, chalky, and no sugar required unless desired. It's like biting into a block of 80% cocoa dark chocolate in a cup!

The development of sustainable farming is of great importance to us. The commitment of preserving nature by practicing sustainable and organic farming including reforestation and conservation of soil is always in our hearts, and the farms we work with are all partners in our commitment.