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Uprise Coffee

Uprise Coffee Multi Pack

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Pre-Order the full line of Uprise Coffee Blends and receive 15% off + 5% off for life!*

Uprise Coffee is excited to offer this once in a lifetime pre-order opportunity. Our troops are assembled, our roasters are fired up, and coffee is flowing! We will be shipping soon! This pre-order is your chance to save for life, and get first access to our three new blends. Once available this sample pack includes three 12oz bags of coffee. One bag of each of the blends that we offer. 

Join the Revolution. Pre-order today.

Honey Info

Origin: Dominican Republic

Blend: Cibao Altura Honey

Roast: 3/5

Acidity: 1/5

Body: 2/5

Notes of Orange, Honey, and Dark Chocolate.

Donkey Info

Origin: Dominican Republic

Blend: Cibao Altura, Barahona, Robusta

Roast: 3/5

Acidity: 2/5

Body: 3/5

Notes of Fruit, Dark Chocolate, Almond, Caramel.

Natural Info

Origin: Dominican Republic

Blend: Cibao Altura

Roast: 3/5

Acidity: 4/5

Body: 2/5

Notes of Grapes, Dark Chocolate, and Sweet Wine.

 *Account required to receive 5% lifetime discount, the discount will be automatically applied to your account. Pre-orders expected to ship late August 2022.